NHAI’s ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ Initiative:

NHAI’s ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ Initiative To Streamline Toll Collection:

Introduction of the ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ initiative:

In a significant move to enhance the efficiency of the Electronic Toll Collection

(ETC) system and streamline traffic at Toll Plazas, the National Highways

Authority of India (NHAI) has introduced the ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’

initiative. This strategic measure aims to curb the prevalent practice of using a

single FASTag for multiple vehicles or linking multiple FASTags to a specific


NHAI is actively promoting the completion of the ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC)

process for the latest FASTag. Users are urged to update their KYC details in adherence

to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. FASTags with valid balances but incomplete

KYC details will face deactivation or blacklisting by banks after January 31, 2024. To

avoid any inconvenience, users must ensure the timely completion of KYC for their

latest FASTag.

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